Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An old friend

As I was taking a break from my still incredibly long "things we gotta do before we leave for France" list, I was reading one of my favorite blogs Pioneer Woman and she was writing about some of her favorite bloggers.  I took a peek and got sucked in to another world for awhile (like an hour or two...ok maybe three!)  One that I really loved was Chookooloonks, and after reading her blog I got really inspired and realized I have a purpose for my trip.  (Other than just escaping, which is a perfectly good purpose in itself.)  I'm not going to share my purpose just yet, but I will soon.  However, once I realized I had a purpose, I knew I needed to go find an old friend.  Here he is:

It's my long lost Rebel Canon.  (Well, not really lost...just put up on a shelf for the last 5 years...exactly the amount of time since I opened my store, not a coincidence I think.)  When James and I were deciding what electronic equipment to take to France, I decided I would just take my iphone and Ethan's little point & shoot camera.  I didn't feel like lugging around my "real" camera.  But then I read Chookooloonks' blog, saw her wonderful pictures and realized my Rebel was calling my name.  He has wanderlust too!  So, I found him in the closet, took him out of the case and sighed a huge sigh of satisfaction.  He's so beautiful and he creates such beauty.  Unfortunately, his battery is drained and I can't find the charger anywhere.  So, it's off to Samy's Camera tomorrow to buy a new battery and charger.  Oh the photos that I will be taking.   And you lucky reader will be getting to enjoy them...I'm sure they'll be much better than my iphone photos (an example of which is above...notice the out of focus edges!)


Michelle said...

Dear Stephanie,
Let me be the first to wish you well on your grand adventure. I hope that it brings you all the joy, happiness, great excitement and relaxation that you deserve. You mention a few times in your blog that part of the reason you want to "escape" is because of your desire to not have to make decisions all the time. Maybe sometime during your trip you could declare a non decision making week for yourself. Throw everyone's name in a hat and draw for someone to take over the decision making for the week. Hopefully the name will be of someone over the age of 14 or it could mean a lot of ...??
I love you and can't wait to read your blog over the next two months.

sirey said...

Michelle, you are on the same page as me. I actually thought we'd just assign days...each adult gets two a week and the kids all get one together. Whoever's day it is, they are in charge! They make the decisions and I will happily follow. Great minds think alike. Thanks for your well wishes. I wish you were joining us too! Steph