Friday, October 28, 2011

French Fridays with Dorie - Pumpkin stuffed with everything good

A funny thing happened to me last week.  After returning from my cruise (where I had a great time and got to see beautiful sights like this:)

Well, this wasn't so beautiful, Miami on the day we left

Jamica, beautiful!


Grand Caymans...could have stayed forever!

Went to Hell & back!

Miami upon return
I thought I was suppose to make Dorie's Pumpkin stuffed with everything good.  So I did...and it was.  The funny thing was I was actually suppose to make pissaladiere.  Oops!  When I discovered my mistake, it was too late to slap together the pissaladiere, so I missed another week of FFwD.  Oh well.  I was still in vacation mode and didn't mind too much.


I stuffed the pumpkin with herbs and bread and cheese and BIG hunks of ham that I had leftover from one of the most amazing hams we've ever had.  The pumpkin looked amazing and the boys and I could hardly wait to dive in.  Unfortunately, the boys deemed it "just alright," not great.  I think the bread was the issue.  While I let the bread go stale (by putting it cut up on the counter all day), I think it really needed to sit out overnight.  It was very mushy and a little unappetizing.  Everything else tasted great and leftovers the next day were very tasty.  This is something I'd try again, with a few tweaks. It certainly is a perfect fall supper!  Check out my fellow Doristas pumkins here.


Artsy shot