Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking a little break!

Gotta say, I'm exhausted!  I think I'm not sleeping that well.  Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone was squeezing my heart (really tightly).  I sat straight up and thought holy crap, we're leaving in 4 days.  I mean, we're really doing this!  I think underneath it all, I might be a little nervous about this adventure.  Not about going to France or exchanging houses but about being away for two months (with my plan of my life here being on automatic pilot).  That makes me just a tad bit nervous.  But, I keep telling myself that if auto pilot doesn't work, I can handle anything I need to from across the pond.  That makes me feel better when I tell myself's that darn control thing rearing it's ugly head.

Today we got through most (but not all) of our Saturday todo list (with several things added that took way too  much time!).  (You can see what got done here.)  Tomorrow's list was short & sweet:
  • Deliver our pets to our friends
  • Relax
So now, I'll just move the things that didn't get done today to tomorrow's list.  Shouldn't be too bad.

I wanted to share a wonderful site that I've been reading to prepare me for all things food related when we're in Paris. Living the Sweet Life in Paris is David Lebovitz's amazing blog about all things delicious and Paris.  This morning I read My Paris about his favorite restaurants and dining tips. I also read 10 Insanely Delicious Things You Shouldn't Miss in Paris.  Between the handmade butter, the duck confit and the salted caramels...I was in a food coma without even tasting a morsel. I told James that I thought it would be fun to plan one day where all we do is see how many of the famous Paris foods we can find and eat. I then said maybe we'll sprinkle some sight seeing in with all that eating, just in case I can't really eat 27 treats in one day. I am so ready for this trip!


Sarah said...

Do you speak any French? Matt and I threw caution to the wind once and just pointed to something on the menu to order since we had forgotten our dictionary and didn't speak any French. I got a sausage of some type that I couldn't identify and didn't eat because it was a weird texture. Luckily I didn't know it was tripe sausage until I got back home and looked it up. Yet another good reason to have your iPhone at hand, or a good food dictionary!

Steph said...

We only speak a little French...but that's exactly why we want our iphones! I'm willing to try a lot of new things, but tripe sausage is not at the top of the list!!!