Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week and 2 days

So, we have been in France for a week and two days.  It seems like it's flying by...and it also seems like we've been here for a month.  We have been without Internet & phone at our house for 6 days now.  We made the mistake of not getting an international calling plan, since we were suppose to have free international calling at the house.  Which we do, in theory.  However, the telephone provider (Orange) has had an outage in our area...for six days and counting.  It's us Americans.  The French take it in stride.  No one seems too bent out of shape, except us damn Americans.  Oh well.  It's been good for us.  When we aren't sight seeing, we have found more "organic" things to do at the farm house.  We play games, shoot our compound bow, go for walks through the forest, pick cherries & bake pies...and chase spiders!  We're having a great time.  I've been writing blog posts on the computer and now just need to upload them.  I'll post our visit to Guedelon now.  (We're in a little bar that is about 5 k from our house, they have great wifi, we'll probably be visiting a lot if ours doesn't come back up.)

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