Friday, August 13, 2010

A day at the market

Every Tuesday and Friday there is a farmer's market in the parking lot of the church in our town of Aillant Sur Tholon.  We go twice a week to get our fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats and sometimes even a delectable rotisserie chicken.  The produce is FABULOUS!  Farm fresh and amazing flavor.

You can buy salad starts for your garden!

Fruits & veggies.

The Cheese lady.

We buy 2 kilos of cherries every week!  6.50 euros for 2 kg...that's $1.47 a lb!!!!!!!

The cherry guy is super sweet as are his cherries!

We drool over the cheese counter (and try to buy something new each week)!

Fresh peaches and nectarines from the South of France.

The Macaron Lady...these are yummy cookies!

It's a simple market, but great!

We buy our melons from this girl.  She asks when you want to eat them, and then picks them for you.  If you want to eat them today, tomorrow or the next day...she picks just the right ones!

Just like at home, we are getting to know the farmers at the market.  But, since we see them twice a week (instead of just once), we're getting to know them even quicker.  The French have small refrigerators and small kitchens, and they demand fresh fruits and vegetables (and bread of course!) shopping every day is common.  We're trying to just shop every other day or every third day if we can...just because there are lots of other things to do besides shop (except for bread, we buy bread every day).  However, the market is where everyone catches up with their neighbors, so it's as much social as it is about the food, so I see why people come to the market (both farmer's and regular) every day!

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Ms. Hobby said...

Your melon shopping experience is just like Dorie describes the French markets to be, how fun! I love all the photos in this post, it makes the experience come alive.