Saturday, November 6, 2010

Treat yourself!

Today, I was working on my project for next week's French Fridays with Dorie and had some extra pumpkin (hmmm, wonder which FFwD recipe I'm making this week?).  So, I decided that I needed to make some pumpkin bread.  But not just any pumpkin bread...I decided to try a new recipe for Pumpkin Bread with a Cream Cheese filing that I found at Joy of Baking.  I always put cream cheese on my pumpkin bread, so why not bake it in?

    Before                                 After

My cream cheese filling seemed quite runny, so it was hard to cover it up with the rest of the batter.  But guess what?  It still looked cool and tasted great!

I also wanted to share something that I bought for myself at Costco that I highly recommend to any and all cooks.

These 4 stainless steel bowls fit neatly inside each other and have a black, rubber bottom.  So, they don't slide around when you are whisking or stirring or doing whatever else you'd like to do in these bowls.  They are beautiful to look at and have a great weight to them.  How things feel is as important to me as how they look.  These just have a really wonderful feel...made me feel like a professional baker when I used them today to make my bread.  They were about $30.

PS...I don't get commission from Costco, just wanted to share a great find!


♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Thats a great find!!
lemm guess , ur making the pumpkin flans arent u?
I am making them too:-)
and had a different twist last week!
the bread looks perfect!

Serene said...

Oh, wow, those are gorgeous! And now you make me want to make a Costco run. :-)

Nichi said...

That bread looks delicious.

You think you could use those bowls in a double boiler setup like reg. stainless steal pans with that rubber on there? They look great and easier to store that the ones I have.

Steph said...

Nichi...I don't think these will work over a double boiler, but I tossed the box without reading if they are heat resistant. Perhaps a little trip to Costco with Serene and you can find out. :)