Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Changing Views!

The Irey's are changing their view of the world.  We have decided to leave Los Angeles (which has been home for 21 years) and return to San Diego (where St. James was born and I grew up).  The big move takes place in July.  And let me tell you...it's a big move!

First things first...why are we doing this you might ask?  After my mom died last year, I have had continued hankerings to be closer to my siblings and nieces and nephews.  Every time we visit San Diego, as we drive away I would say...wouldn't it be nice if we lived here.  Both my sisters live in Coronado and my brother lives in Lemon Grove.  The last time we drove away (Easter)...I thought about living here for real...seriously.  By Mother's Day, we'd decided to take the jump...that's right...off another cliff we go!

The time is right to do this, since Ethan is going into 7th grade.  A move any later would be really hard on him (this one is going to be hard enough...he and his best friend have been friends since they were three...leaving him and all his other friends is going to be difficult).  The business is in a good place for me to be able to manage the stores from anywhere and James is looking for a career change too (he's got something very exciting in the works...which I'll be able to share a little later this summer).  All in all, it feels like now or never (or at least not for the next 6 years until Ethan graduates).

So after much discussion, hair pulling and tarot card consulting...we decided to move to Coronado.  We've found a beautiful home, right on the bay (that's right...at high tide, the bay is up to our deck, at low tide there's about 20 feet of beach) that's about a mile from one sister and 5 miles from the other.  Everything on Coronado is within bike riding distance.  Ethan will be surrounded by all of his cousins, will have the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the country (for free) and has decided to learn how to surf.  He will also be learning how to sail, as we can have a small sail boat and kayaks tied right up to our deck.

View from our living room

James will be starting on his new venture and I'll be running my company from the deck off my master bedroom, looking at this all day.

I'm not sure life could be any sweeter...except if all our friends would move to Coronado too!  But, for now, we have a guest room and if you'd like to come visit, just let me know! (But hurry, reservations are booking quickly!!)

PS...blog posts will still be sporadic until we move.  There are only so many hours in the day and they seem to all be dedicated to packing...yuck!!


Susan said...

Congratulations, Steph! My aunt & uncle live in the Keys. Coronado has always been one of my favorite places - especially the Hotel del Coronado. I wish you so much happiness in your new home!

Cher said...

Congratulations & good luck on your move. You picked a lovely spot to move to! Coronado was one of my favorite parts of the San Diego area. And what a view! How lovely.

Heather said...

Congrats Steph...that is Awesome!! ahh I loved living in San Diego...if I didn't move to boston, I would be there! Good Luck on your move!

Betsy said...

What great news, Steph! How nice to be closer to your family. From your photo, it looks like an enviable location. What a view! Looking forward to your posts when you have time again. Good luck with the move.

Kathy said...

Congratulations, Steph!! How wonderful to live so close to your family…and to get the ocean for your backyard! Best of luck with your move. I will be looking forward to more posts.

Anne Marie said...

Sounds (and looks) like a beautiful adventure! Best of luck! Can't wait til you're back with regular updates.

KevinCromley said...

Steph... your brother lives in La Mesa... NOT Lemon Grove!

Lots of love and so great you are moving back to your raices (roots)!!!